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D.I.Y. Sleep Mask & Free Pattern - Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

We've all been there – school or work gets busy, sleep deprivation kicks in, and you're suddenly realizing it's 12 hours until Mother's Day and you have nothing planned. Rest easy because this year, I have three incredibly easy gift DIYs planned for the week leading up to Mother's Day that the mothers in your life will love!


  • Top fabric – this can be any opaque fabric that you'd be happy with as the fabric that faces outwards on the mask.

  • Bottom fabric - this should be cotton or another soft fabric that is sturdy enough so that the mask holds shape, but nothing that will be uncomfortable to wear when sleeping.

  • 16 inches of elastic that's at least 0.75 inches wide

  • Safety pin

  • Sleep Mask Printable PDF Pattern (below)

Don't have access to a printer? No problem. Trace this pattern onto a sheet of white paper by magnifying the PDF on your screen enough that it matches the size of your paper!

Step 1: cutting the fabric

Cut the outline of the mask out of your printed pattern and trace onto three layers of fabric: one layer of your "top fabric" and two layers of your "bottom fabric." Be sure to leave 1/4-1/2 inch around the outline of the mask as you cut for our seam allowance.

Next, cut a rectangular strip of top fabric that's 24"x2".

Step 2: sewing ~the tube~

Fold the 24"x2" rectangle in half longwise with the "right" sides of the fabric facing each other, and pin in place. Then, sew a straight seam along where you pinned to create a long fabric tube. This will cover the elastic band and hold the mask in place.

Once you've sewn the loop together, turn it right-side-out by folding one end outward and pushing the inside fabric out.

Step 3: threading the elastic through the tube

If your elastic is wider than 0.75 inches, this is where you'll want to cut it down. To do this, cut along the space between two ridges on the band, staying stead as you cut to be sure you continue on the same line for the whole elastic.

Now, hook a safety pin to one side of your elastic strip. Guided by the safety pin, insert the elastic into the fabric tube, pushing the safety pin along until the other end of the elastic reaches the end of the fabric tube. There, pin the ends together to secure them. Then, continue pushing the safety pin along until it pokes out the other side. Pin that elastic in place, too.

Step 4: pinning it all together

This is where the magic happens, so pay careful attention to how you layer your pieces.

Start by laying down your two "bottom fabric" layers. Then, arrange your elastic so that each end sits at the halfway point between the top and bottom of the mask on either side. Pin the ends of the elastic two the two bottom layers.

Now, layer the "top fabric" on top of the bottom layers and the elastic strap, with the "right" side of the fabric facing down. Pin all of the layers, making sure not to hook the strap in with any pins.

Sew along where you pinned, leaving a 4" gap at the top of the mask so that you can turn it right-side-out.

Step 5: adding the finishing touches!

Using the gap you left at the top of the mask, turn it right-side-out. Iron the seams down to leave crisp edges, and pin down the gap you left at the top.

Using a straight stitch, sew all the way along the edge of the mask, securing the gap you left open at the top.


If you make a mask following this tutorial, be sure to post and tag Issa Fit on Instagram and Facebook!

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