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Easy D.I.Y. Scrunchie from Hair Tie

Updated: May 1, 2020

I started with one scrunchie last week in an attempt to spice up an all-black outfit. And I haven't been able to stop making them since. These scrunchies are quick, easy, and irresistibly cute – enough so that I have to restrain myself from making one to match my outfit every morning. Follow this short tutorial to find how you can make one for yourself. But if you get hooked on making these too, don't say I didn't warn you! This project was featured first as an Easy DIY on our Instagram story. Be sure to watch our Easy DIY stories every Thursday on our Instagram for more quick and simple projects.

What fabric should I use? Scrunchies can be made out of just about any fabric. I'd recommend something sturdy enough that it will hold shape, like a cotton, satin, velvet, or linen. You can test your fabric by holding it by one point in one hand above a surface, then dropping it. When it hits the surface below, if it still maintains some remnant of a point from where you were holding it, it'll probably hold shape as a scrunchie, but if it immediately flattens to the surface, it likely will be too limp for a scrunchie. I would also suggest using fabric that is opaque enough that you wouldn't be able to see the hair tie through one layer of the fabric.


  • 1 hair tie

  • Rectangle of fabric at least 3"x14"

  • Thread to match fabric

  • Hand sewing needle or sewing machine*

  • Straight pins

  • Scissors

  • Iron (optional)

*For this tutorial I decided to hand sew, but you can also complete this project using a sewing machine.

Step 1: cut the fabric

Measure and cut the fabric into a rectangle of 3"x14". For a wider scrunchie, increase the width of the rectangle to 4" or 5". For a scrunchie with more "scrunch," or ruffling, increase the length of the rectangle to 15-17".

Step 2: connect the ends

With the "wrong" side of the fabric facing out, pin and sew together the short ends of the rectangle to create a loop of fabric.

Step 3: iron down the edges

Fold the edges 1/4-1/2" on both sides of the fabric strip towards the middle on the "wrong" side of the fabric. Iron and pin down these edges.

Step 4: loop around the hair tie

Pull the hair tie around the loop of fabric so that it sits between the two folded edges. Because the hair tie is smaller than the fabric strip, the fabric will bunch up. Don't worry about bunching, but be sure that the hair tie sits evenly between the edges of the fabric loop.

Step 5: pin around the hair tie

Pin the folded edges together across the hair tie, pulling the fabric taught as you go. Keep the raw edges that you ironed down hidden as you pin. Continue around the whole hair tie until everything is pinned closed and you can no longer see the hair tie.

Step 6: sew where you pinned

Be sure to keep pulling the fabric taught as you sew where you pinned so that you aren't stitching down ruffles or wrinkles in the fabric. Tie off your thread once you've closed the fabric loop fully.


This project is great for using up scrap fabric from projects and adding a splash of color or pattern to outfits! Experiment with cutting your fabric to different widths and lengths for scrunchies in different sizes and ruffle amounts.

If you make this project and share on social media, be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook!

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