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The Triangle Top – Tutorial + Free Pattern

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The first garment I ever made – with lots of help from my mother – was a top made of two pieces of printed cotton cut into trapezoids and held in place by ribbons. An easy summer piece, here's my grown-up interpretation including a free printable pattern!


  • 1 yard light- to medium-weight woven fabric (little to no stretch)

  • Matching thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Triangle Top printable sewing pattern (below)

Step 1: cutting the pattern

Print the Triangle Top pattern and tape it together in the order below, using the circles on each page to make sure the pages are aligned.

Use the following sizing chart (in inches) to decide which size you'd like to use, and cut along the lines that correspond to your size.

Step 2: cutting the fabric

Fold your fabric along the grain line with the "right" side of the fabric facing in, and align the straight side of the patern piece to the fold in the fabric. Trace around the pattern piece with fabric chalk or a pen, including the dart.

Cut where you marked around the pattern piece, but do not cut the dart. Leave it marked, but cut around the dart like in the picture below.

Open up the piece you cut out so that it is a full top piece. Flip the pattern piece over to the side you unfolded to mark the dart on the opposite side, too.

Repeat this process to cut a second top piece.

Step 3: sewing the dart

Fold and pin along each dart, then sew a straight stitch to secure.

Once your dart is sewn, cut the excess fabric and iron the dart down.

Repeat for all four darts.

Step 4: cutting & sewing the straps

Cut four strips of yor fabric that are 2-3 inches wide (depending on whether you want wider or narrower straps) and the length that works best for you according to the below measurements.

Layer one strap on top of another with the "right" sides of the strap facing in. Pin and sew three sides together, leaving one of the short ends open to turn the strap right-side out.

Cut the corners of the straps close to the seam so that the corners will be clean when you turn the strap right-side-out.

Turn the strap right-side-out and iron it flat.

Repeat with the other two strap fabric pieces to make the second strap.

Step 5: cutting & sewing the back loops

Cut 8 strips of fabric according to the "Back Loops" pattern piece. Match up two pieces with the "right" sides of the fabric facing in the way you did for the straps above, and sew straight seams on either 6 inch side. Turn the strip right-side-out and repeat until you have four completed strips, like in the image below.

Now, fold the completed strips in half and iron to create loops that are 2.5 x 3 inches.

Step 6: putting it all together

Lay one of the top pieces flat with the "right" side of the fabric facing up. Then, pin the raw edge of each strap to each of the two top corners of the top.

Pin one loop to the edge of the top along the dart, and another to the bottom of the side of the top. Repeat on the other side of the top.

With all of the straps and loops pinned in place, layer the second top piece over the first, sandwiching all of the straps and loops. Pin all of the sides together except the bottom and sew it all together, leaving a 0.5 inch seam allowance.

Step 7: hemming your top

Turn your top right-side-out through the bottom edge you left open and iron the edges to crease.

Fold the bottom of the shirt over 0.5-1 inch (to your preference), iron to crease, and sew a straight stitch to secure the hem.


If you make this look, be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook!

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There is a $4 fee for the free pattern?

Replying to

I thought so, too.


Teresa Jackson
Teresa Jackson
Jul 20, 2021

Hi. The loop piece didn't show up when I pulled up the pattern.

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