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Kendall Top: Part 1/2 of the Low-Waste Jeans Upcycle

Slowly but surely, I've been trying to take this time at home to revamp my wardrobe using mostly materials I already have. While a big part of that is making new pieces from scratch, I'm also trying to take the clothes I already have but don't wear anymore and fix them up into pieces I'll wear more often.

Upcycles can be tricky because you're working with limited materials in limited shapes, often leaving little room for mistakes or do-overs. Scrolling through Pinterest, I've noticed some standard upcycles: t-shirts to racerbacks, jeans to distressed shorts, oversized button downs to cropped blouses. Over the next several weeks, I'm hoping to get creative with how I flip my clothes and come up with some new upcycling options – even if it results in a few botched projects!

In the first of a hopefully extensive series, here is my experiment flipping an old pair of jeans into a ruffled crop top! When looking for inspiration for this upcycle, I came across a little denim crop top worn by none other than Kendall Jenner. I knew I didn't have enough fabric to make a full top from my jeans, so I tried to do what I could with what I had and made an open back with lace-up straps while mimicking the front of Kendall's top. Even if this top isn't exactly your style, I hope this video gives you some inspiration to get creative and make a jeans upcycle of your own!

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Toya L Dubin
Toya L Dubin
11 août 2020

Hi, thanks for the tutorial! Made a similar version of your top today, but made a couple alterations to the order. Instead of cutting two front pieces for the bodice, I opened one side of the pant leg and used the other seam as my center front seam. Next, I turned under the top edge of the top and hemmed it, and hemmed the angled sides of the top down to my side seams. Then hemmed the top edge of the side panels and matched things up so I didn't have to turn the corner where the two parts join to hem it which can be tricky. Instead of loops I used grommets and ribbon for ties because I …

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